Tidying the library

Tidying the library

Over winter, we had quite a lot of book donations to the library.  These all needed sorting to check for duplicates, then cataloguing, then covering, then having a label made for them and then arranging in our library.  Yesterday was a momentous day for us as we finally finished tidying the library!  All the books are catalogued, covered, labelled and put away!  Thanks to everyone who donated books to us (they are going to a good home!) and also to the volunteers (members of the Friends of the Museum organisation) who helped make this happen – Skylark, Rebecca and Steve.

Here are some photos of Peter and Steve tidying the library.  If you want to use the library (it is available to all by prior appointment), please contact the Museum and give us at least 24 hours notice before your planned visit.

Below: the pile of books to be sorted through at the start of the day.


Below: volunteer and Friend of the Museum Steve putting away some books.

Below: the pile of unsorted books shrinks.

Below: Museum manager Peter.


And at the end of the day – a lovely tidy library with even more books in it!

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