646 – Plaque inscribed with letters in box

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Plaque inscribed with letters in box
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Brown leather plaque, spatula-shaped, inscribed with black magical letters resembling Russian. Symbols for male on one side, and for female on the other. Hole at top. Boxed One side in good condition, the other side discoloured making the letters difficult to distinguish. On bottom of box, label saying “Coll. L. Richel” below print of large seal. Inside box, handwritten label reading “lederen plak met tekst in magische letters en code, gebruikt by de rite der onderwerping. 2ip Ludowitzy, III, pag 201, cat 4, no. 366/ao1895 -Antwerpen, 1919. Meaning: leather plaquette with text in magical letters and code, used by (or for) the rite of submission’.