671 – Pentacle The Pentagram of Faust

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Dogme et rituel
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Eliphas Levi

Gold pentacle painted or more probably printed on black cloth with the word TETRGRAMMATON written round it, and various symbols incorporated including 2 eyes a caduceus and the symbol of mercury. Possibly cut from a book cover. Framed displayed on purple and yellow background.
On the back of the frame is a square of black cloth very similar to the cloth the pentacle is printed on , with the words “Eliphas Levi – Leer en Riturel Der Hoogere Magie” printed on it in gold. Suggests that the title cut from cloth cover of book. ‘Eliphas Levi – Dogma and ritual of High Magic’.

The Pentagram of Faust, p.64 Doctrine of Transcendental Magic (1975 edition) in Museum library.