R/10/1333 – print of newspaper article and photograph of Baron Samedi-cross

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print of newspaper article and photograph of Baron Samedi-cross
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‘882. The Baron Samedi cross plays a part in the Voodoo funeral rites. The necromantic ceremonial of Voodoo is different from that of any other cult, and the most famous ritual is that involving the ‘zombies’. According to the Voodoo initiates these are living corpses taken out of their graves and brought back to life by the sorcerers; according to profane observers however they are wretched creatures who are made to look as though they are dead, then dug out of their graves and plunged into a state of idiocy by means of some drug. The Baron Samedi is the Master of the Cemeteries and eh is invoked during black magic ceremonies.
Like the snake in Egypt, the giant Voodoo serpent possesses all the secrets of ‘the magic language magnified by sacred music’. Everything in the kingdom, including civil power and administration, is organised and controlled by this sacred serpent. According to tradition it came down from the starry heights and lodged in the Voodoo temple. It can also lodge in the head of any individual and drive him into a ‘loa’ state of frenzy. This serpent is a faithful replica of the ‘uraeus’ of the Egyptian ‘pschent’, and possesses the same ‘royal’ virtues.’