R/1/133 – Drawing of a knife and 2 sprinkler

Collection Number:
Object name:
Drawing of a knife and 2 sprinkler
Object type:
Book titles referenced:
Modern Witchcraft / Black Magic and Witchcraft
Book authors referenced:
Patricia Crowther
People referenced:
Mrs. Eleanor Bone

The knife is 29,3 cm. long, and made up of the handle ‘b’, the blade ‘a’ and a tassel ‘c’ though the blade. A sprinkle made of a bunch of herbs ‘e’ tied together by rope or weeds ‘d’. A modern sprinkler ‘h’ with a handle ‘g’. Notes: ‘Mrs. Eleanor Bone High Priestess, zie Aant. [see notes] ’56, folio 361t: “The High P. consecrates the salt and water with her athame, The black-handled knife which each witch should possess and should carry with her everywhere”, &c. Zie [see] Black Magic and Witchcraft, III, p. 327. S.’
‘ “The High P. using a bunch of herbs as a sprinkler, sprinkles the mixture of salt and water on the witches, to purify them”. Zie dia [see slide] no. 6339/1950. S.’
‘Beneden [below]: “Sprinkler”, [“Modern Witchcraft”, Patricia Crowther}, 1956, folio 282. H.’