R/1/204 – Drawing of Nut, letters and symbols; and notes

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Drawing of Nut, letters and symbols; and notes
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Aleister Crowley
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F. Albers

Notes: ‘Zie Aant. [see notes] 1957, fol. 372m, “The Egyptian cosmos”, &c, “The sky-goddess Nut”, &c, “Sexueel-erotische riten [sexual erotic rites]” &c, O?T?O?, documentatie [documentation] § 24. S.’
‘Bij Aant. [with notes] 1957, fol. 436: “the weird world of the inknown”, documentatie [documentation] K.L. Razenbergh, § 16:a. wetenschap, kennis, initiatief, enz. [science, knowledge, initiative, etc.] d. resultante van wetenschap, kennis, initiatief, enz. C. magie [resultant of science, knowledge, initiative, etc. c. magic]. Ter vergelijking met [for comparison with] § XXIV- Aleister Crowley, documentatie [documentation] F. Albers. Bij [with] F5: “Love is the law, love under will”, “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law”, &c. “Liber LXXVII – S.’