R/12/1487 – print of circle with ‘ZAZEL’ and ‘AGIEL’

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print of circle with 'ZAZEL' and 'AGIEL'
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- Sammlung Schmidtke
Book titles referenced:
Die Damonische Besessenehit / Das Austrieben der D
Book authors referenced:
A. Rodewijk / D. Prince / A. Titius / Rabbi Salomo

Spirits of Saturn. All the Dutch parts are translated.
‘NO. EE-66-83, “A pentacle meant for horsemen”, notes. 1948, fol. 278III: “This pentacle ought to be made around the 29th of June, during full moon, on the day and the hour of Saturn, in the prescribed way. One uses a rightly prepared lead or mole-skin. The preparation ought to happen with the countenance turned towards the south, while calling on the spirit of Saturn. After the correct ritual crafting it should be worn by a horseman in a rightside pocket. The horse will then serve its rider in the best way and will never be hurt.” See fol. 279, “The Seal of Saturn”, F3. Amongst Others: Rabbi Salomon, “The Key of Salomo”, the translation of Rabbi Abognasar: see notes 1949, fol. 18n (“Babylon”). (Otto Schmidtke.) H.’
‘Add to § 24.1949: A. Rodewijk, “Die Dämonische Besessenheit” [the demonic possession], Aschaffenburg, 1963; D. Prince, “Das Austreiben der Dämonen” [the exorcation of demons]; A. Titius, “Über dei Heiling von Dämonischen im Neuen Testament” (“Festschrift für Bonwetsch”, 1918). E.’