R/1/22 – Drawing of Chinese character , 2 swastika’s, and other symbols; and notes

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Drawing of Chinese character , 2 swastika's, and other symbols; and notes
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Chinese character is a Taoist charm. The black swastika, turning anti-clockwise, is male; the white clockwise female. A runic character. And an Islandic rune on a piece of paper. Notes: ‘Aanvulling [supplement] no. 2 bij aant. [with notes] 1953, fol. 245a, “Martian Amulet”, [“strength, force, energy, courage and activity”, zie [see] F4]: “A Taoist charm”, &c.H.’
‘Aanvulling [supplement] no. 3, zie [see] “SHUI” = idem aant. [notes] 1953, fol. 319, “a charm against fire”, &C. E.’
‘Aanvulling [supplement] no. 5 bij Aant. [with notes] 1953, fol. 322d: “Swastika”, “found on almost all temples and ruins of the ancient world”, &c, Edward Humber, zie [see] fol.322e, F2. H.’
‘Aant. [notes] 1953, fol. 326, zie [see] F1: “Minna”, “Runic character for admiration”. H.’
‘Bij Aant. [with notes] 1953, fol. 338d: “Aegishjalmur, old islandic rune for irresistibility”, &c. Aanvulling [supplement] no. 7. H.’