R/16/1952 – drawing of mandrakes, dog’s collar and rope; and notes

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drawing of mandrakes, dog's collar and rope; and notes
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Book titles referenced:
De medica minibus herbarum
Book authors referenced:
Pseudo-Apuleius / Perigord
Book locations referenced:
Bibl. Leiden Bibl. Publ Lat, 1283

All Dutch parts are directly translated.

‘Supplement no. III with DC: “apuleius-manuscript Library of Leiden (Bibl. Publ. Lat. 1283): prescription on the digging up of the root, by a drawing of the “demonic plant” and the dog explained”. E.’
‘Supplement no. VI with § 61f: In a manuscript found by Sudhoff from the 12th century, Pseudo Apuleius: de Medica minibus herbarum, again lengthy regulations are described. But the writer does not seem very convinced of the evil that emanated from: “Those hell8ish fires light, / tha mandrake’s charnel leaves at night”. He repeatedly tells to have seen a mandrake being dug up, even in unfavourable winds, without any obvious danger to be connected to it”. H.’
‘With § 61h, sub II, ES: “The mandrake was called a wander-herb, if one stepped on it one could not find the way anymore. Thus in Perigord”. See also notes 1946, fol. 78e. H.’