R/2/319 – Drawing of a Phoenician man; and notes

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Drawing of a Phoenician man; and notes
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Geo Morgay

The man holds in his right hand line H-N, in his left hand line X-Y. Right arm ‘R’. Dress ‘V’, apron ‘b’, skirt ‘c’, upper shirt ‘a’. Notes: ‘Ter vergelijing bij de –ongeloofwaardige- theorie van Geo Morgay: zie Aant. [for comparison with the –unbelievable- theory of Geo Morgay: see notes] 1950, Fol. 433c, “a male figure from Dur=Kurigalzu (“Kurigalzu haad carried on in his palace the ag-old tradition of wall painting, a tradition which we last examined during the Old Babylonian period at Mari”, &c, zie [see] fol. 433d, § 10, “Kassite”.) Id. Aant. [notes] 1950, fol. 439. H.’