R/2/338 – drawing of an Ogham alphabet; and notes

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drawing of an Ogham alphabet; and notes
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L'ecriture ogamique et ses origines, in Choix d'e
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J. Vendryes
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Paris 1952

Also title: ‘handbuch der Runenkunde’. ‘Bij Aant. [with notes[ 1948, fol. 336e, § 2, aanvulling [suppl] no. 2: “The peculiar Ogham script is found in about 360 inscriptions on stone, placed mostly on tombs, which come for the predominant part (about 300) from southern Ireland and for the lesser part (about 60) from Wales, Scotland and the Isle of Man, and are mostly drawn up in the old Celtic language”, &c. Zie onder [see under] “Ogma mac Elathan”. H.’
‘Bij [with] F4: “There is a detailed bibliography in Arntz, handbuch der Runenkunde, 1935. Further: J. Vendryes, L’écriture ogamique et ses origins, in Choix d’études linguist, et celliques, paris, 1952. E.’