R/5/731 – drawing of two fingers (benediction); and notes

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drawing of two fingers (benediction); and notes
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R.A. van Gaalen / W.F. Zwiers Zutphen April 1938

Two fingers, the second and middle one. A cross, sign of Venus, two crescents on the palm; 3 dots on the middle finger. ‘No. AH-01-98, Notities [notes] (R.A. van Gaalen), pag. 249, F2: “The symbol is found again in the Mudras of Chinese tradition, in India and even in the benediction gesture of Christ, now practiced by Catholic Priests”, &c. Zutphen, April 1938, W.F. Zwiers, “Tooveramulet, gelukbrengend” [magical amulet, good fortune-bringing]. H.’