R/6/845 – drawing of a sword and incense; and notes

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drawing of a sword and incense; and notes
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Aktive Zauberhandlungen

a sword, with hair (?) on it. A disc/circle/mirror. Burning incense on a tray. AGLA around and angel names ‘hagiel’ ‘kedemel’ and ‘bethhor’. ‘Zie Aant. [see notes] 1955, fol. 144i, documentatie § 9a/1955: “Aktive Zeuberhandlungen” [active sorcery-actions], c. II, p. 258, “Liebeszauber” [love magic]; zie [see] XXIV, fol. 144k: “Hagiel”, “Kedemel” en [and] “Bethor”. F2: “Ängstlich vermied man Haarabschnitt in fremde hände gelangen zu lassen”, [ with fear one avoids letting cut-off hair wind up in strange(rs) hands], &c. Idem: “De Regels van de Groote Kunst” [the rules of Great Art], zie [see] F9, Aant. [notes] 1955, fol. 237, en documentatie [and documentation] § 22/1955. E.’