R/6/874 – drawing of invocation of Wednesday; and notes

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drawing of invocation of Wednesday; and notes
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The meaning of witchcraft
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G.B. Gardner

‘Zie [see]: “Character of Hagith Lord of Venus”, Aant. [notes] 1950, fol. 9d/VI: (“Venus = Hagith, Sun = Och, Saturn = Aratron, Moon = Phul). “Hagith, perfumes: Musk, juniper berries, wood of aloes, dreid leaves of elder, pulverized, and made into a paste with the blood of a pigeon”. (zie [see] Turiel, Secret Grimoire) H.’
‘Aant. [notes[ 1950, fol. 9d/VII, toevoegen aan [add to] F3: G.B. Gardner, “The meaning of witchcraft” (“the beliefs of the druids”). S.’
‘Fol. 9e, toevoegen [add]: “Come children of the red genii who have executed the order of the sovereign master of the universe upon the armies of the rash sennacherib, come and assist me in the operation that I undertake under the auspices of the third brilliant luminary of the firmament; be favourable to my entreaties in the name of Adonay Sabaoth”. Zie onder [see under] MARS. (“Elohim .-` Tetragrammaton” = F9) E.’