R/6/876 – drawing of invocation of Saturday; and notes

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drawing of invocation of Saturday; and notes
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B.H. Verstappen / Br. Hervatius

In the circle ‘a’ a 3-pointed star and the words ‘iah eloi elohim’. In crescent ‘b’ a candle, and two sigils ‘c’ and ‘d’. ‘Ter verduidelijking van Aant. [for clarification of notes] 1942, fol. 88f: “Invocation for Saturday (SATURN): Come out of your gloomy solitude ye Saturnian spirits, come with your cohort, come with diligence to the place where I am going to begin my operations under your auspices; be attentive to my labours and contribute your assistance that it may rebound to the honour and glory of the Highest”, &c. Zie documentatie [see doc/] § 2/1942 (“Elohim”). H.’
‘Aanvulling [supplement] IV bij Aant. [with notes] 1942, fol. 88f, B.H. Verstappen, zie ook documentatie [see also doc.] § 3/1942 (naar [after] Br. Hervatius), F2. H.’