R/6/878 – drawing of invocation of Thursday; and notes

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drawing of invocation of Thursday; and notes
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The secret grimoire of Turiel
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Marius Malchus
Hebrew characters

A heptagon in the circle B, with spaces e, h, f, m, p and k. ‘Ter aanvulling bij Aant. [as supplement with notes] 1950, fol. 45c, documentatie § 2/1950: “Turiel II: Invocation for Thursday (JUPITER): Come speedily ye Olepid spirits who preside over the operation of this day. Come, Incomprehensible Zebarel and all your legions, haste to my assistance and be propitious to my undertakings, be kind and refuse me not your powerful aid and assistance”. K = Elohe / E = Sady / H = Agla / F = JAh / M = Sabaoth / P = Elohim. Zie : “The secret grimoire of Turiel (the rites of ceremonial magick), Marius Malchus, Aant. [notes[ 1950, fol. 46, F VII. E.’