R/6/879 – drawing of invocation of Friday; and notes

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drawing of invocation of Friday; and notes
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The secret grimoire of Turiel
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Marius Malchus
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Hebrew characters

The six arms of the pentagram are: ‘Jai, Agla, Adonay, Sabaoth, Iserce, Jehovah.’ A Greek cross. A knife with ‘agla’ and sigil on the blade. JHVH in Hebrew characters, and IR?R. ‘Bij Aant. [with notes] 1941, fol. 79a, documentatie § 4/1941: “Invocation for Friday (VENUS): Come on the wings of the wind, ye happy genii who preside over the workings of the heart. Come in the name of the Great Tetragrammaton; hear favourably the invocation that I make this day, destined to the wonder of love. Be ready to lend me your assistance to succeed in what I have undertaken under the hope that you will be favourable to me”. “The secret grimoire of Turiel (The rites of ceremonial magick) by Marius Malchus, 1960. Aanvulling bij [supplement with] fol. 79a, F4. H.’
‘Aanvulling bij Aant. [supplement with notes] 1941, fol. 79a, documentatie § 4/1941, F5: “In this Thy Holy Sign o God, I fear no evil. By Thy Holy Power, and by this Thy Holy Sign all evil doth flee”. S.’
‘Bij Aant. [with notes] 1941, fol. 79b: “Containing Invocations, Conjurations, and (Con F2) Exorcisms of the Band of Spirits”, &c. Con F2: zie [see] fol. 80, Malchus. H.’