R/6/881 – drawing of a circle with letters; and lots of notes

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drawing of a circle with letters; and lots of notes
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Rabbi Salomon

Translation: ‘ “a pentacle belonging with Malechidiel, the angel ruling over Jupiter and resident in the House of Aries. His use guarantees the wearer of the goodwill of everyone. It is made of equal parts of gold, silver, bronze and iron, which metals one melts together on or about the 21 of March in the hour of Mars at new moon. The pentacle is engraved with a bodkin, as soona s possible after smelting. The pentacle is, hanging by a white cord and wrapped in white cloth, worn between the shoulder blades. In stead of the said metal parchment of goats’ skin can also be used. The necessary characters are drawn upon it in magical ink with the feather of an owl or eagle.” (F5). S.’
‘Supplement with notes 1942, fol. 26f. See “the Godly letters of Venus”, see and , and add to F5: “Hamaliel, hel, mile, Ciel, joriel, masuia, magdé, Tetragrammaton, Deus potens exaudipreces invocatiam et benedicas hoc istud vasculum tuo honori preparatum per onia opera tua, Amen”. “Rabbi Salomon”, ms. No. 615/ao. 1844, see F5.H.’