R/6/964 – drawing of a witches’ circle, three M’s and a scourge; and notes

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Object name:
drawing of a witches' circle, three M's and a scourge; and notes
Object type:
MMM (Unknown), MM (unknown)
Book titles referenced:
De goden der germanen / Sexuality in religion and
Book authors referenced:
Dr. Jan de Vries hoogleraar te Leiden
Book locations referenced:
Uitgeverij Hamer Amsterdam 1944

It is not a circle but more horse-shoe shaped. Numbers 1 to 13. Letters. Three M’s, one in a crescent moon. A scourge. A sigil. ‘Bij documentatie [with doc.] § 21/1950, Aant. [notes] 1950, fol. 31a: “Het organiseren van de heksenkring” [the organisation of the witches’ circle]. Zie [see] fol. 32c: “M”, een “cove” te Den Haag [a “cove” [n] in The Hague]. Idem: “Sexuality in religion and magic”, Aant. 1951, fol. 339i, (“Sado-masochistische riten”, &c.), mevr. Hanny Sanders0Soderblum (“The black and white Cove”) – H.’
‘§ 21/1950, F 7, toevoegen [add]: “Het is van belang te wijzen op de rol, die de maretak in het Oudnoorse verhaal speelt” [it is of importance to point out the role of the mistletoe in the Old-Norse story], zie [see] Dr. Jan de Vries (Hoogleraar te [professor in] Leiden), “De Goden der GErmanen”, Uit. “Hamer”, Amsterdam 1944. Zie ook de kanttekeningen, gemerkt met een [see also the notes, marked with a swastika]. S.’