R/6/967 – drawing of a witches’ circle; and notes

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drawing of a witches' circle; and notes
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The fascinating story of the rebirth of paganism a
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Sexuality in religion and magic

Around the circle numbers 1 to 13. Inner circle letters. And in the middle a letters and 3 dots. ‘Ter verduidelijking van [for clarification of] F3, documentatie § 19/1947, Aant. [notes] 1947, fol. 22d: “Samenstelling en organisatie van de heksenkring” [assembling and organisation of a coven] (“the fascinating story of the rebirth of paganism and magic” geeft een vrijwel gelijk schema [gives an almost similar schedule]: p. 351, fig. 97). § 20/1947: “Sexuality in religion and magic”, XII, “Coven of Witches”, “Witches’ museum, Bourton on the Water”. H.’
‘Fol. 22d, F5, toevoegen [add]: “The old religion of pre-Christian times”, “Witches hold 13 meetings a year, one in each lunar month”, &c. (Overnemen uit Aant. [transcribe from notes] 1942, fol. 437i) E.’