R/6/968 – drawing of a witches’ circle; and a lot of notes

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drawing of a witches' circle; and a lot of notes
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AA (unknown)
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Dr. Margaret Murray
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mevr. Josje Schelfhorst-Geels 1941 / Isabel Gowdie / Anne Armstrong Morpeth Northumberland 1673

It not a circle but more an S-shape. Numbered 1 to 13. Three branches; between 3 and 4, 6 and 7 and 9 and 10. A scourge with 13. Letters as well, and an A and AA. Translation. ‘ With F6, v 4: “In the early-Christian numerology 13 was often seen as the number of sin; one more than the number of the apostles. Thirteen could also be a holy number: the Trinity + the Ten Commandments. /In the magical tradition of Europe 13 is the number of necromancy. The witches perceive 13 even now as the correct number of people for a coven”, &c. S.’
‘With F7: “The witch Isabel Gowdie said that there were 13 witches in a coven and in 1673 Anne Armstrong from Morpeth in Northumberland said that each coven of 13 members had a devil who danced with the members that committed the most evil”, &c, see also the documentation § 7/1942, F1. E.’
‘With notes 1942, fol. 215f: “The organisation and development of a coven” (mrs. Josje SChelfhorst-Geels, 1941): Enclosed are some notes from the strange manuscript, mentioned in notes 1942, fol. 210a, F4. H.’
‘Fol. 215f, add: “They base themselves on the theories of Dr. Margaret Murray (+), an anthropologist”. O.’