Poster of the week – the final week!

Poster of the week – the final week!

For the past few weeks we’ve been running a “poster of the week” feature on the blog showcasing the posters that have been made for the Museum by students at the University of Wolverhampton.  This is the last poster and now we’d like to know which of all the posters is your favourite.  We’re going to make the most popular poster into a real poster to buy in the shop (and possibly also into other shop stock items).  Please vote for your favourite by adding comments to this blog or on facebook or by emailing the Museum (  Voting finishes on September 1st 2016.

The final poster is this single colour graphic response by Joshua Hinkins.DSC_0015

A reminder of the previous “posters of the week”.

Figure in water with skull by Ricky Bruce
DSC_0012 (1)
Double owl by Jennifer Slater
Animal skull with script writing by Mary Philips
Graphic 4 column elements by Laura Hough:
Finely drawn poster in blue and red by Nicholas Johnson
Hand drawn with the athame central and yellowish background by Emily Cooksey

19 responses to “Poster of the week – the final week!”

  1. They all look fantastic. The double owl poster is my favorite though. Some very talented people.

  2. They’re all really good and it’s hard to choose one but my favourite is the one by Emily Cookley.

  3. They are all excellent. Laura Hough’s graphic 4 column elements is very striking and, more importantly, gives the Museum its full title – Museum of Witchcraft and Magic. Well done, all of you!

  4. My favourite is definitely the Athame poster by Emily Cooksey, as the colour schemes of the poster suit the content perfectly. It really fits in with the witchcraft themes in the museum.

  5. Lots of good posters but favourite is the Double Owls by Jennifer Slater. Love the colours and would have a wide appeal.

  6. Too difficult as they are all gorgeous…but I will choose the following for the artist’s stunning use of colour and simple yet powerful design: Graphic 4 column elements by Laura Hough

  7. My favourite’s the one by Mary Phillips. Maybe I’m just a sucker for horns, but it gives me the same excitedly spooky feel that I get when visiting the Museum. Xxxx

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