R/14/1617 – 1 photograph of JHWE behind his desk; 2 prints: one an article on JHWE and his gnomes, other on gnome

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1 photograph of JHWE behind his desk; 2 prints: one an article on JHWE and his gnomes, other on gnome
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Kijk, daar gaat een kabouter
Book authors referenced:
Arnold Jan Scheer
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Panorama no. 39, 26 September 1980
People referenced:
mej. E. sanders / dhr. Goudswaard /JHWE

Translation of the article.
‘Sir Eldermans from Den Haag has done research into gnome-sightings his whole life. He used to be police detective for the Justice department. He himself has never seen gnomes or “fairies”. His interest is mainly captured by historic and current gnome sightings by farmers or other inhabitants of the countryside.
In 1933 he started to register gnome-sightings, by drawing them as dots on maps. His current maps are very clearly pointing to a travel route lengthwise over the east of the Netherlands. This route goes via North Drente, Overijssel across the Veluwe via the Kamper KLippen, de Dellen, ‘t Eperholt, Tongeren, Wilna, Doorspijkse heide, Boswachterij Nunspeet, Gemeentebos, , ‘t Ronde Huis to the Willemsbos, where the route braks up. One half goes south via Halfweg, the Elspeter Heide, Grote Kolonie, Staverden and Speulder Veld. The other half via the Belvederebos, Hulshorsterzand, leuvenhorst and Leuvenumsebos.
Besides old manuscripts, another important source of information for Eldermans was a little map that was drawn in 1927 by the already quite old gentleman Goudswaard, a teacher and guest of the Pension Denneheuvel in Nunspeet.
Eldermans on his talks with gnome-sighters from the Veluwe, the Peel, Drenthe and Northeast Twenthe: ‘ In the evening one is talking and if there are no others present, the cat comes out of the bag: sir will probably not believe it, but… Look, amongst one another they know the game. They know perfectly well what to hide for the vicar.’

Translation of the print.
‘Supplement no. IB with Index 1949, no. 342-DD: Arnold Jan Scheer, Panorama”, no. 39, 26 september 1980, “Look, there goes a gnome”, &c. A strange article ! JHWE.
‘Add to Index 1949, no. 342-FF, sub III: “Pentacles and talismans for the Saturday, under influence of Saturn”: “These talismans can also be of good service in the localising and exploiting of veins of ore and in the ground hidden treasures”. A.’
‘QN: see a. “seal of Saturn”, b. “Characteristics of Saturn”, and c. “Divine letter sof Saturn”. S.’
‘Supplement no. III with Index 1949, no. 343-BB: “How one can acquire treasures, which are under the rule of earthspirits, by the folk called gnomes” = see the documentation § 268-PP/1948 (miss E. Sanders). S.’