R/16/1929 – drawing of a dead dog, mandrake-box; and notes

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drawing of a dead dog, mandrake-box; and notes
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Gerrit Brokelman / JHWE

All Dutch parts are directly translated.
‘ZM, § 127h, F3, add: “Musk is the contents of the musk-pouch of the male musk-animal, Moschus Moschiferus, from Tonkin and Tibet. The musk-animal’s smell of musk comes from muskon, a keton of the formula C16H30O.” See also § 128-IV under: trinitrobutyltoluol. (JHWE) S.’
‘Supplement no. IV with EB, F4: “Than one picks up the magical root, which is subsequently washed in red wine. The root is wrapped in a red and a white silk cloth and put ina box”, 7c, see § 127m. Accompanying sketches are made after fig. 32, J. Scheibe, see )17. E.’
‘See also the “Announcements by Gerrit Brokelman” on the care for the mandragora: § 98-MM. (JHWE.) S.’
‘For comparison with § 128a, EC, see notes 1940, fol. 392K, sub III. H.’